How to Increase 2G GSM Internet Speed

2G GSM Internet Speed Tricks

Now 3G or 4G available in the developed countries but Some of developing country like India still having using 2G GSM . If you compare 2G GSM to the speed with 3G or 4G Network the advance technology 3G or 4G wins the the race. According to new study 40 percent or more people who having owns 2G mobile in their pocket and some of the mobile Network operators provides 64 kbps,40 kbps speed of  internet so that causes slow internet browsing. here we discussed about some tricks how to increase 2G GSM internet speed.

Tricks to boost your internet from 2G GSM mobile phones :

  1. 1st of all you need to connect your GPRS 2G enabled mobile phone or data card to your desktop,Pc or laptop for increasing speed.
  2. If you are using Windows operating system then click on “start” button, the menu appears and now hit the “Control panel”.
  3. Now you are in “Control panel” ,select “Network and Internet connection” option.
  4. Go to “Network Connection” then the small mobile phone brand model icon visible in the dialup network section. Nb: If you are properly connecting to your 2G (GSM) enabled mobile to your Desktop or Laptop so then the small mobile icon appears in dialup network.
  5. Click to  “Configure” option then it opens with new window.
  6. Now you are having many options in the drop down list but choose only “Maximum Speed (bps)” option and set the maximum speed limit . Give the higher numbers for example : 100000 .
  7. Click on “OK”  and Save all the setting.
  8. You will now restart your Desktop or Laptop and enjoy the high speed Internet Data transfer from mobile phone or Data Card.

N.B : Give higher number in “Maximum Speed (bps)” according to its capacity of network.


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